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About Spring Tour Bus

Are you tired of driving, paying high priced gas and tolls? Are you planning on a vacation, visit your family, or just  want to get away for a few days? You can count on us!

Who We Are

Spring Tour Bus (Spring Coach Inc.) was founded in the beginning of 2013.

Our company offers convenient, safe, and affordable bus transportation between New York City and Ohio. We have a bus station in New York City located in Chinatown and we have three bus stations in Ohio. Our Ohio bus stations are located in Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. We have buses that run daily between New York City and Ohio. Please check our schedule for more information on our bus schedules and station locations. 

Why Choose Us

All of our drivers have a minimum of five years of driving experience and we carry over $5 Million dollar in insurance coverage. Our company is also proudly registered with the Federal Government. Your safety is our first pirority. We strive to provide you with the best service and riding experience that you deserve!

On Board Amenities

All of our buses are equipped with climate controlled air conditioning and heat, an on board restroom (towards the rear of the coach), reclining seats with headrests and tinted windows. We also provide our customers with free high speed WIFI so you may connect all of your electronic devices as if you were home. Additionally, our buses have outlets for charging your phones, ipads, laptops and etc. Each of our buses has over 55 seats with extra legroom so you can enjoy the ride as much as possible. Bus cleanings are done frequently to preserve a clean environment that you’ll love. We want our customers to have a safe, comfortable, and clean ride.

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